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About us

For more than 90 years ago, the foundation was laid for what is still a blooming family business.

M.M. Duin - Bearflowers is a real family-run business. Since 1928 our grandfather has started on the same place where we still grow our flowers nowadays! His sons Mart and Peter took it over from him, and learned us a lot about growing flowerbulbs. Currently Marius and Corina run the family business, brother and sister Duin. Peter, our father, raised us with a great feeling for flowerbulbs and passed over his passion for flowers to us. And with that same passion we still work between our flowers every day! And you’ll notice that, our flowers will that you that when you put them into a vase!

Marius Duin: As a child I already knew that I would become a flowerbulb grower. In the footsteps of my great grandfather, grandfather and my father. With a wheelbarrow full of traditional skills and craft, supplemented with new knowledge and insights, to get the finesse, every day!

Corina Duin: Born and raised within the flowers (and named after a Lily), I think it’s in my DNA. What’s better than being between the flowers every day! I believe that the combination of daily trade, marketing and just standing on your wellies in the mud, is the best there is!

Since 2017 we are delighted with the entry of Chris Riteco to ‘the Bearteam’. Coming from the ICT/marketing world, combined with a great passion for everything that grows and blooms, we believe he’s the perfect addition to our team!

Together with our great team, we’ll do the best we can, to grow the most beautiful flowers, everyday! And beside that, a ‘bearflower’ isn’t just a flower, but it’s a flower with a story. Traditional grown, in a artisan way, for the best result! No mass-production, but with great passion for our craft!

Corina and Marius Duin

Pe and Columba Duin
Marius Duin
M.M. Duin / Bearflowers
M.M. Duin / Bearflowers
M.M. Duin / Bearflowers
M.M. Duin / Bearflowers
M.M. Duin / Bearflowers


Intense colors, excellent quality. That’s where we stand for!

Traditional Tulips

Tulips with a story

Not just tulips... But grown with love, in the natural soil for the best result. And so it became time for our own tulipbrand, Traditional Tulips.

Tulips with a story. Grown by hand, in the famous nutritious sandy soils of the town of Heemskerk. The bulbs get plenty of time to grow, using the natural elements and pretty some love for our handicraft. For these good old real crackling tulips, with extra vaselife. Recognizable by our blue Bearlabel!

Website: traditionaltulips.com

Traditional Tulips
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